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02-24-2013, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Sushiko View Post
I been wondering if any of you guys have any faith left. Most of the main board talk is "matter-of-fact" like they would bet their balls the Yotes are gone at the end of the season. I keep hoping not. I don't get out to much games lately due to work schedule and finances. Hopefully soon... want to while I can, we went to quite a few last year but didn't get out here till March. I think we went to maybe 4 in the first 3 and a half weeks after we got here, its a lot of fun. I really don't want to live somewhere without NHL. I've always like the Yotes, even before I moved here, so now living so close has been a real treat. Anyway, it may not be smart but I still have some hope they'll stick around.
I've lost faith and haven't gone to West valley since Jamison's deadline has passed. I have no plans on doing so either. I watch from home, but still get excited when they score, and still feel upset when they lose.

Just don't feel like investing any more money into the team. Just been spending the money on car parts, and well, in the end I'm still happy.

I just want this done one way or another. If that means someone else gets my favorite team, so be it. Just treat it the way I did.

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