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02-24-2013, 06:36 PM
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Agree with the Met poster on page 1, very excited for the season. No, I do not expect to make the playoffs, but it will be exciting to see the kids compete and hopefully stay somewhat competitive late. Last few years we have held our own until first west coast trip after ASB, so hoping to improve on that.

Originally Posted by Stugots View Post
Every time the Yankees payroll discussion is brought up- whether it be from my friends who are Met fans or on an internet message board- I say the same thing and people who blindly hate the Yankees seem to not be able to understand it.

The rules of Major League Baseball do not employ a salary cap. Most sports do, baseball does not: this is their system. The Yankees are a global brand- much like the Lakers or Manchester United. Being that they are a global brand, they generate a TON of revenue. Why should they not use the revenue they generate to take advantage of baseball's FLAWED system? Because "its not fair?" Life is not fair, get over it. Your problem isn't with the Yankees, it is with the lack of salary cap. If MLB had a salary cap then the Yankees wouldn't spend the money they do- but in a system without a salary cap the big markets have the major advantage.
Well said.

I will always be a Yankee hater, but I can't fault them for what they do.

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