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02-24-2013, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by doogie24 View Post
I'm not really getting this travel argument, unless we are just isolating it to the OHL event. Of course the GTA arenas are going to be better options for travel. But look at Rimouski, Shawinigan, Brandon... - were those places easily accessible and very convenient to get to? Wherever the Memorial Cup is hosted, people will find a way to go. Just don't see how it's that big of an issue.
Originally Posted by OHLTG View Post
As far as Memorial Cup traveling - the Detroit/Windsor border is very much hit-and-miss. I've been there when it's an hour delay, and I've been there when you're in-and-out in five minutes. All depends on when you go and which crossing you use.

My buddies and I went to both Rimouski and Brandon; 15-20 hour drives each...and each way. Not the easiest places to get to, but sometimes that's the fun part. The games are simply icing on the Cup.
Originally Posted by hockeylegend11 View Post
As for the location re travel as some have said the remote hosts ie Brandon had their challenges but it all worked out in end
It should not matter whether its held in Barrie,Windsor or London,for the most part
they are hardly considered remote
Please see my original post, with the key points bolded and underlined:

Originally Posted by krazy kanuck View Post
Airport Access

I'm not sure this is a deal breaker either (although Mississauga did mention it in their video). Of the remaining teams those with an advantage would include, in order: Ottawa, Guelph, Barrie. Honourable mentions to Oshawa and Windsor (I know Detroit is right there, but that doesn't have easy flights to most Canadian centres like Toronto and Ottawa do).
I never said Windsor was hard to get to, in fact I give it an advantage over London. Will people come anyway? Yes. I am relatively well traveled in Canada, and I would say that if I had to visit Ontario from any other province, I would prefer to travel to Barrie, then Windsor, then London in that order. I don't think it's a big deal however Mississauga did mention accessibility as part of their bid. Oh, and they WON the bid. I don't think there is much more to say on that front. Why are people from Windsor so damn defensive?

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