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02-24-2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Actually I said Kessel had a career year with Bozak as his Center, only when Connolly failed. Ignored another fact. When Lupul went down he continued to produce with Bozak and the all world Crabb. Bozak head 8 points his last 10 games when Lupul went down, yep, that's another fact for you.

Now tell me why in your opinion think Grabo would be a good player for Kessel to play with. His 1 on 3 tunnel visioned playmaking? His 3 assists this year? Have you seen the guy play this year, or since RC became the head coach?

Give it up man, you are really looking silly with this Grabo nonsense, no one here with an objective opinion is happy with his 5.5M dollar play this year.
Kessel obviously continued to produce, he just produced a lot less than he did with Lupul.

Considereing the minimal shifts that they get together they flat out dominate. Hell, in the last couple of minutes in the TB game last week they were on the ice together and were in the offensive zone pretty much the entire time and creating great opportunities.

Have you seen Grabo's linemates the past 2 years? Do you not wacth how piss poor offensively Kulemin is? McClement and Komarov aren't exactly known for their offense either. Why is it that when Grabo was playing with JVR(you know, a winger that can produce offense) his offensive output increased? And for all your talk about how Bozak is a much better playmaker, he has a whole 3 more assists then Grabo. This all while playing more minutes, more PP and playing with an 11 goal man. If he's so great why doesn't he have more?

Give it up man, you are really looking silly with this Grabo nonsense. Anyone who actually looks at how he's being played and not his contract realizes why he's not lighting it up.

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