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02-24-2013, 06:59 PM
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Post game write-up. Mouth and Ass Diarrhea edition:

Antropov- Not the greatest night for Antro imo. He had a nice hit which almost put a Devil into our bench, but other than that he seemed a little lazy and showed that when he took his penalty. I'm a fan of what he brings to this team for the most part, but I feel tonight was an off night for Antro.
Bogosian- Another great game tonight from Zach. Played the rushes tonight very well and had multiple scoring chances 1 of which led to his first goal. Guy never panics, is always in control and really looks to be getting his offensive touch back.
Burmistrov- Had a few early turnovers in the 1st, but after that he seemed to simplify his game a little and was playing the way he has been for most of the season. Love how he plays the body, guy actually is one of the teams best hitters we have. He also made the correct and smart play by handing off to Kaner for the breakaway.
Byfuglien- Still just doesn't seem himself. Like me during the GDT, Buff just seems afraid to push which is most likely his injury still plaguing him. Hope it heals fast because we can't afford to be without him.
Clitsome- Had a few Clitnone'ish turnovers but he also had a goal on the PP. I don't think you can ask much more of him, especially in the role he's currently playing. I'm calmly happy with how he has played thus far with Toby being out.
Hainsey- What can I say, the guy just gets. it. done. Nah he had a bad giveaway but luckily for us the Devils didn't capitalize and the Jets did with Kane's breakaway. He seems to be stepping up in the rush more to get his offense (as anaemic as it may be) going. Unforunately one of those rushes caused a Devils goal. Soso night for Ronny H.
Jokinen- Not a fan of him on the point for the PP, it just doesn't work very well. Although I imagine they're doing that because Buff clearly can't get complete mobility and is best suited to sit in front of the opposition tendy. Nothing great or bad from Joker tonight, relatively quiet for the most part.
Kane- Really liked Kaner's game tonight. He was using his speed all over the ice and seemed to sustain it throughout the game. A lesser man wouldn't have been able to get away from the D for his breakaway and he knew what to do against Hedberg. A lot of quality chances for him tonight and he managed to capitalize. Solid night.
Ladd- Y'know I wasn't too happy with his game after 2 periods, but that's how Andrew is sometimes. He makes you wonder what he's doing out there and then he scores a couple of goals to **** you off. Can't say enough about his positioning and gave us a Russ Tyler'esque knucklepuck G tonight. Don't Get Mad, GET LADD!
Little- I'd like to see him be a little more aggressive offensively and get a little greedy sometimes, but I thought he played well tonight. 2 assists and +1 in 17+ minutes, I'll take that from Bryan.
Miettinen- 17 seconds in and took a puck to the crotch. Perhaps Zachy Reds isn't completely sympathetic to Antti and his skate?.....
Peluso- I commented in the GDT about how I liked his skating. Other than that there's not a whole lot I can say about Anthony tonight. Had a decent tilt, other than that he played 4 minutes. Sooo I can't really comment much further.
Postma- I still worry about him in the defensive zone, I worry about him and Stuart collectively actually. Nothing glaringly bad from Paul tonight and he did make a very nice pass to Clitsome for the PP goal. So I'm ok with Pauly Post tonight.
Slater- Didn't really notice him too much tonight for the most part. Not the greatest night in the FO circle either. Honestly I can't recall too much from him tonight, I'll leave him to others.
Stuart- He was battling a little bit tonight. Like I said with Postma I never feel comfortable when that pairing is on the ice, he was able to block a few shots tonight which is what we've come to expect from Stu. I'd really like to see him pick up his hitting and intensity as that is the main reason we have him and it's also one of the things he does best.
Tangradi Quiet, didn't really create much of any offense and wasn't a huge fan of his play in the D zone. Although Wellwood hasn't been doing much of anything so I doubt the game would've looked much different had Welly been in the lineup.
Wheeler- Guy has upped his game and stayed in the gear we need him to be in. He is now using his assets to his advantage which showed right from the puck drop by racing into the zone, beating the defense and turning for the perfect pass to Bogo for a quick goal. Blake has been playing very well recently, I think we just have to get used to him starting seasons slow until the media gets to him and he decides that he can play this game very well and becomes Blake 2.0
Wright- Can't say enough about this guy, he's all over the ice every shift. Starting to create some legitimate offensive chances for himself and even for others when he gave Kaner a great pass to get in alone on Hedberg. His forecheck and backcheck is just lovely to watch, he throws the body well and plays a 200ft game. Hats off to Chevy an Co for the pickup, he is here to stay.

Pavelec- Definitely battling tonight, teams obviously know the scouting report and are aiming glove side as they did on the 1st goal. Not the greatest night overall for Pavy but he came up big when we needed him to and the guys took care of the rest. Any night where he holds the opposition to 2 goals I count as a victory in my eyes.

Me- It seems when the Jets played poorly my ass decided it would be better I didn't watch and have me clenching and running for the toilet. Once they got a lead and started playing well, my bowels started playing well with them. Now it seems to have turned into a large amount of gas, let us pray it stays that way so I can begin to digest protein again. Always make sure your food is fully cooked my Bro's.

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