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Originally Posted by cardiffgiant View Post
Everyone complaining about how boring the fans are should post where they're season tickets are so that we can look toward your seats next game for an example of how crazy we're supposed to be.

I totally agree with this. However... it should be easier to coordinate 20 guys to play with energy and fire the crowd up than to coordinate 19,000 people to get rowdy and fire a team up. It needs to start with the on-ice product.

In theory, it should be easier to fire up 20 guys and not 19,000. The reality is that it just doesn't always work that way. OK, with this current excuse for a team it's NEVER that way (LOL) but think about it.

The fans are there to be entertained in their free time and have fun. Half of them are drinking beer. Some of them are drunk.

The team has ups and downs, travel to deal with it. It's not always going to be easy for any team to play at maximum effort. Whereas it should always be easy for the fans to make a ton of noise and do what little you actually can do to try and help impact the outcome of the game.

If it's not in your character to make noise at a sporting event, or you choose not too, fine. That's your choice of course.

But collectively it would be great to see a majority of the crowd doing whatever it can to make noise and try to bolster the team.

And really, if any team needs it, it's this one!

They aren't exactly the mentally strongest group I've ever seen play team sports.

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