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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I said that if he comes back and has a decent season he'd be worth at least a first. Go read the posts.

I also said three years ago that we should deal him for JVRD. A proposition you called ludicrous... well, JVRD is now 22 years old and sitting at 3rd in the league for goals.
Ha! I remember that so vividly and you continue to wrongly defend it. Your proposal for JVR was to trade Pacioretty for him. That proposal looks kind of dumb now, and I told you how dumb that trade was the moment I saw it. That was back when everyone was hating on Pacioretty and calling him a bust. Good times.

Not only that, but trading Markov for a JVR back then kind of seems pretty silly too, now that I think of it. 34 points in 45 games for Markov that season, +11 for a defenseman. JVR: 35 points in 75 games while playing top six minutes. Now that I think of it, even if you did propose Markov for JVR back then (which you didn't) it seems absolutely retarded.

Markov was an elite top defenseman and you wanted to trade him for a question mark rookie forward playing on a Philadelphia team who was just as bad as we were? Where is the logic in trading your one generational talent for a young kid with nothing but potential? At the time, we didn't know Markov was going to be out for three years and he was still putting up ridiculous numbers for a defenseman. The year before, he had 64 points in 78 games. Trading the best player on your team for JVR, what a joke!

Trading Markov, the best player on the Habs and our one true superstar, at the height of his career, for James Van Riemsdyk, a young rookie who hadn't proven he could do anything in the league, would've been absolutely stupid.

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