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Originally Posted by gormo View Post
Are the nets in the NHL arbitrarily sized?.. If you extend the dimensions of the net, I think you may in turn be forcing the goaltenders to re-learn how to play their position to a significant degree. I think it would cause more problems then it might be intended to solve. Its a radical change.
No, they are not, but thats a sermon in & of itself. [mod edit] and enlarging the nets is radical, and I agree, in fact the very thought draconian & impracticable resulting in a lowering of the bar. If you dont like the Butterfly now, be prepared to see it on steroids with a bigger net. "Cheating" is nothing new, or as they say in some hockey circles at virtually every position "if your not cheating your not trying". Post 72 when the Soviets taught our best a lesson or five, the game itself has changed so dramatically, from playing the Lanes to one of constant Cycle, Goalies forced deeper into their creases, the Butterfly is the only effective way to stop the puck in what has effectively become a game of Puckchenko. You cant play Stand-Up, as the passing game in constant flux with even defencemen jumping into the circling would result in you, the Goalie standing out there watching the opposition scoring empty netters behind you youd be so far out of position.

Tony Esposito was the first to go full on "Cheat", a transitional goaltender. He reads the rule book, "gloves cannot exceed 9"'s" with no dilineation between Blocker & Trapper, measures his Trapper & discovers its only 4.5"'s wide open, gets out the coroplast & some leather, adding another 4.5"'s to its width. And for good measure, gets about 14"'s of fabric & mesh added to the crotch of his pants. Perfectly legal. Plenty followed until manufacturers caught on & started making gear themselves exactly like that. Mike Richter's pads had an extra 3"'s added to the width from the bottom cuff to to the top of the 2nd strap, measurements for legality taken mid to top, always passing with flying colours. Like a pair of bell bottom pants. Goalies have always cheated, its nothing new.

Now, Im old school, and no, I'm not overly enamoured with the Butterfly, but what are they supposed to do? Youve got every player with a carbon fibre stick, and tell ya what? Even in the hands of some slug the quick release, accuracy & weight, as in it being a "heavy" (goalies will understand that term) shot devastating to the body. You just dont have the same set-up time as you did in the 80's through the early 90's, let alone the 50's through 70's. The VH pads are insane, the entire purpose of the what should be outlawed thigh-risers being to close the 5 hole. So devise a rule that limits that to 2"'s above the bottom of the pant hem. Sidewalls on blockers are used to great effect, eliminate those as well, lets say 1.5" max; same thing on trapper cuffs, including going back to a max 4.5" open-wide spread. Chest & arm/shoulder-pads standardized, light, form fitting, no extensions into free space & air allowed.

Playing the Butterfly is unbelievably taxing on the body as it quite simply was not made to move like that. Were seeing torn MCL's, guys requiring hip replacements at 35; the early on-slaught of arthritis in 20yr olds. Get rid of the trapezoid, encourage them to play out a bit & wander while simultaneously moving the goal lines & nets back to the pre-Gretzky "Office" marks, with less room behind the nets, more out front. The return to common sense. Its unfortunate that the NHL as the stewards of the game affecting its play & direction simply dont get any of this, after all, the "casual fan" just wants to hear Sirens Blaring & see Lights Flashing, about the last thing a Coach who wants to keep his job wants to hear, but there ya go. Nothin a few tweaks wont cure, reversing ill thought out decisions. But c'mon here, enlarging the nets? Throw the record book out the window? Hasnt the league already messed up history enough for you in its callous disregard of the past & precedence?

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