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02-24-2013, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Uh.... what? Wasn't last year's proposed realignment what inherently started the entire expansion discussion due to how ridiculously conducive it was for realignment in the event of expansion and relocation? That was the clearly thinking about their present needs and keeping the future of expansion/relocation in mind.

It is absolutely not a good sign for Quebec City for the league to have two 8-team eastern conferences given the fact that the Yotes are almost assuredly going to move in the offseason.

Everything you said is nice and all, but it's entirely from the perspective of a fan of a team wanting his team back. It's not being made from a rational perspective of what the league may, or may not, be interested in. Might very well be a sign that the league perhaps isn't as keen on expansion as we thought or that two western markets were more in line with where they're looking right now.

You should read my past posts in these topics over the least two or so years. I've been very pro-Nords and have on multiple occasions said that the Yotes are going to move to Quebec City.

For at least the here and now, if this leak is accurate, it is not a good sign for Quebec City for next season, plain and simple. The NHL knows more than we do about their inner workings. It just doesn't seem conceivable that they'd propose this if they thought that the Yotes were moving to Quebec City this offseason, only to inherently have to move either Detroit or Columbus back west (and Colorado to the Pacific).

Now, if the leak is just nonsense, then no skin off your or my backs. I'm just saying that, for your interests, you'd best be hoping that it's not true as it points away from expanding or relocating east.

Where was I agressive towards you?

I wasnt. I know your posts. I was saying I am not stressed by this.

Good evening.

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