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02-24-2013, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Why should some Conferences have extra Playoff spots over others? At least I've been told that this is a pure in-Conference Wildcard play-in, not between Conferences. Contrary to you, I'd be happier if it were between these phony Conferences and not be a strict top-4 within the Conference.

And why the hell should a team in 5th, 10pts behind the 4th, have a 1 game chance to take the 4th spot? That's just pure ******** and doesn't balance out anything.
My understanding that it was just within the conference as well but I'm curious too see more concrete details, if this proposal goes anywhere at all.

If another playoff stop or 2 are added, it should absolutely be a fixed number and not based on the gap between seeds. When MLB added the 2nd wildcard, there was never a caveat that the 2nd wildcard needed to finish within X number of games of the 1st to force then wildcard game. The networks alone will want the certainty that the game(s) is on the schedule regardless.

Then again, by this time next week there could be a number of new proposals out there and this wildcard format will be long forgotten.

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