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Originally Posted by RangerSteve View Post
That is exactly what I was thinking. I use to use the Easton T-Flex with a wood blade and since have switched to the 'One piece'. Do you think that there is a big difference between the one piece and say a combination of an Easton Shaft with a synergy blade attached to it?
Depends on the shaft, if it were a Synergy II or synthesis shaft, then the difference is minimal. The difference between them just seem larger due to marketing by all these "one-piece" manufacturers. Even a normal shaft with a synergy blade wouldn't be a huge difference but to be honest I'd reccommend getting a synergy shaft if you are going to use the synergy blade. If you know how to shoot though, you should be able to shoot without problem with any of them, I'm just shooting around at the local rink for hours everyday, using stealths, SLs, warriors, and a wooden stick and the only difference is the one pieces have a quicker release and more power, the shafts and synergy blades would have a minimal difference, plus you'd get more for your moneys worth because you can easily replace the blade.

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