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02-24-2013, 08:16 PM
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I can't believe no one has mentioned the Bandits?

They are the perfect foil to the sabres within the same building and playing a relatively similar game. I would say the differences stem from the following observations made during my two years working on the suite level at the arena 2010-2012:

Every game is rocking even when they aren't playing well. They have an announcer that shouts and riles people up during the game, they play music, they have a set of traditional chants (think - b o x, b o x, box, box, box box box woooooo), they have Bandettes (you laugh, but kids and adults (mostly male adults) like them), more children attend games, the teams score more, security and ushers are significantly more lax on fan behavior (they have to be, there is simply more rambunctiousness to be accounted for), and lastly, the games are cheaper. Cheaper tickets and less seasons (~9000 for bandits vs ~15000 for sabres) mean more fans that don't get to go to games that often have a chance. I would guess, if the experience is rare than it is more meaningful and exciting. Combine that will more scoring, a culture of excitement, and a slightly different sport culture, and you have a whole different game atmosphere.

The funny thing is that Bandits and Sabres management work together and obviously have the same owner, so you'd think that the Sabres gameday staff could help replicate the atmosphere.

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