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02-24-2013, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
I hope Luongo feels a bit embarrassed after letting in 8 too. The point is, why the hell would they leave him in for 8 goals against?

Certainly helps placate fans who may be getting unsure about their plan to trade him if they let his stats take a nosedive....

I haven't seen any post game stuff or reaction in why he was left in, its just strange, especially since they didn't play yesterday or tomorrow. Even if it wasn't Luongo's fault, teams would usually pull him for mercy reasons (and why Roy was so pissed off in his famous last game for the Habs)
Well at 6-3 we are still in the game, that was early in the 3rd. The 7th came with just over 3 minutes left. At that point, you just want to get the game over with. Why delay the game by having Schneider come in cold, risk injury, for 3 minutes of hockey?

The 8th goal, everyone literally gave up, including Luongo. But in the time it would take to switch goalies and get Schneider in there and then drop the puck, the game would be over.

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