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02-24-2013, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Mightygoose View Post
Just don't see how a cross over works with 4 conferences. At least the CFL only has 2 groups (and still can't stand it).

If 5th in an eastern conference crossed over into the 4th in a pacific zone place. Do they advance in that bracket? Don't think that will address the travel concerns especially for the first seed in the pacific having to travel back and forth to the east coast in round 1. Though I acknowledge that was an extreme example I brought up.
Originally Posted by Rupertslander View Post
+1, though I will re-iterate that whether the League calls these groups Divisions or Conferences doesn't really matter to me.
That's why it makes a difference whether it's Conferences or Divisions. I'd absolutely prefer that it's Divisions, but that should entail a different scheduling matrix than the one apparently planned to use. As Conferences, therefore, and with the planned schedule matrix, crossovers between Conferences wouldn't make sense. Thus I see this whole 4-Conference plan as pure adulterated garbage! The Playoffs won't be the top-16, which it hasn't been anyway, and not the top-8, but rather just the top-4, which could include even poorer teams in the Playoffs than the current system already does.

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