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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Heavy lifting going on behind the scenes perhaps.... no discussion here of Mayor Weiers suggestion (10 days or so back) that the City "splits up" the Arena Management Contract 4 ways.... see, you'd have your Entertainment Manager, your Hockey Arena Manager (the franchisee I s'pose), another handling Catering, Food Services, Cleaning & Maintenance, and then something called an Education Arena Manager. All four overseen by a newly created level of bureaucracy at City Hall. Never mind that it would surely spell utterly & completely the end of anyone ever actually buying the Coyotes, but can you just imagine the dysfunction of such a scheme, along with the increased costs pursuant to creating yet another level of administrative over-site? Only a career politician could possibly come up with such a plan, catering to the special interests of the Council Members themselves. Just unimaginable. Impracticable.
It won't take a whole staff of people to oversea 4 outside contractors who provide these services. Whoever wants to buy the Coyotes if free to bid on all 4 contracts. It will be helpful for the council and the citizens to have a cost comparison. If someone comes along and offers to do the entertainment management and book all the events at a cost of $1 in exchange for keeping all the revenue and letting the city collect its $2.75 ticket surcharge versus someone who says he needs the city to cut him a check for $12 million, its a valuable cost comparison.

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