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02-24-2013, 09:23 PM
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+Strong out(s) by Engelland except for that tape-to-tape to a Tampa player in the 2nd. What happened there big guy?
+HCDBGreat work don the cycle by the first line. And the third line, as a matter of fact. They were finding the man in the high-slot in a very well-coached manner. ]
+Vitale. Earning that fighing major! First good fight I can think of this year. I just wish that he took Lecavelier off instead. Where are his minutes in the 2nd and 3rd? I'm speaking anecdotally until I can see his numbers...
+Niskinen. Didnít notice him except for him standing a few guys up neatly. He also had a very messy shift int he second. Not going to hold it agains him as Fleury and Letang supported him very well.
++Martin. He looks confident out there. Not just because of the goal. I love Martin holding onto the puck and changing the angle on that shot.
++Letang the defender. Really great in two zones tonight
Dupuis. The same strong work that we have come to depend on night-in and night-out
+I like our forecheck tonight. Forced Tampa into stretch passes all night (that they did not connect on)
Conacher. This kid might be the real deal. I think St.Louis is a great tutor for him.

= Adams. Some brain farts. He canít keep this up and stay in the lineup. His 100% effort needs to be complimented by puck smarts. He usually has it. Tonight he didnít. If we didnít have a Ryan Whitney-soft lineup, I would say sit him for Boychuck.
= Sutter. Ugh. He just has no hands right now. I think he will start potting them, but right now nothing is bouncing his way (offensively). He played a strong strong game with a tough assignment tonight, though. Needs to win more faceoffs (anecdotally). I donít have the stats here yet, so I may be wrong.
= Cooke. I want to give him a plus for his great defensive play, but he had more than two boneheaded plays in the offensive zone. He got away with an elbowing penalty with 6 minutes left defending a 1 goal lead too.
= Orpik. He had a really tough assignment tonight. He had a couple great plays on some top-notch talent. That said, I have him as the last man beat on two goals against.

-Second periods. I cantí blame anyone for that scoring outburst, so I will blame everyone. I donít have any answers.
-Tanger as a triggerman. I donít remember him being this shaky on the blueline during the PP. I remember him shooting wide and I mean WIDE, but not this puck-fumbling BS.
-Turnovers turnovers turnovers. We play like this in May and it will be one-and-done again
-This is two games in a row that HCDB put Glass-Crosby-Adams out there to seal the game and I HATE IT. Not that itís a big deal, it just annoys me.
-- Pitbull and Flyer baby.

Kennedy - I didnít notice him tonight. I only remember one flubbed play by him. Any objective critiques?

Notice how the shutdown pairing with 2 minutes left in the game was Letang and Martin (not Orpik)

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