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Originally Posted by PlayBall View Post
Hi guys. Have been browsing this section of the forum since stumbling on it about a week ago and decided to sign up ask my questions.

What would you look for in the ultimate ball Hockey stick? I know it needs to be different for ball hockey.

I'm 6 feet, 155. Play forward, like a Bolland/Clarkson/Vanek type but really clean. Here's what I'm thinking/wondering so far

- Higher stick lie, 6 or 7 because not on skates so less height and different angle and I handle pretty upright as well.

- Probably 55 flex, 65 flex at most. Open to opinions but I want a quick release and not make the mistake of a stick that is too stiff.

- Would a low kick or mid kick be better? I'm guessing a low-kick would keep the ball from flying skywards alot better but I'm not sure

- I want the release to be quick so I think a mid/toe curve would work nicely however I don't like when the ball spins because it really ****s my long range shots up and I've got a nice slapshot. If you've played you know what I mean, a good shot can suddenly spin wide. How can I have shots not spin randomly, but instead go where I want? (such as this image, notice how the ball barely spins once despite it's momentum)

Also, what do you guys think of Hockeymonkey? I was thinking of trying their mystery stick package where you get two top brand sticks for about the price of one. I live in Canada and as far as I know, they ship there now.

Third question, can you heat composite one piece sticks? I am using this stick, the vector 120 to do it. I bought it years ago because it was 40$ and had a completely flat blade, like a pro stock stick or something. This article tells me you can here but I'd like your opinions

Thanks for everyone's responses, I will take in all the answers. These are all the questions I can think of at the moment

best ball hockey stick, something for like 80 bucks if you want a composite, otherwise go wood. its ball hockey, not worth it to damage a 300 dollar stick

hockeymonkey, their mystery package is just that you could get two SE16s or get a couple mid level sticks. that and you do not get a choice of flex or curve, so all in all not worth it

as for heating composites, NO

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