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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
I tore a ligament in my elbow so the only way for me to post for the time being is on my im going to keep this short

This season is done. You can just feel it. That being said there are some positives. Huberdeau Mueller Shore Kulikov Matkstrom and to a lesser extent Gudbranson are a nice core of young guys to build around.

We also have some solid vets who will come back next year. Like everyone else... Im growing to love Kopecky. Love his passion. Great 3rd liner.

amf althoigh their play.has been subpar this year... Campbell Fleishmann and Versteeg are still good pieces.

The downside is Tallon has littered this team with what amounts to the hovkey equivalent of diarrhea. Kuba is awful. Jovo is awful. Upshall is useless. Clemmensen sucks. All these guys are signed for next season... but they shouldnt be brought back next season. Theyre terrible. Itll be interesting to see if he can get anyone go take one or two of those players and get us off the hook.

He also needs to replace Smithson, Santorelli, Kovalev and even Matthias/Skille with more effective grinders who are effective in their roles. A team like Boston is not only good because they have offensive players... but they have guys like Paille,Campbell, Kelly, etc who are very VERY good defensive forwards.

Tallon did a very poor job of contructing this team this year. What made us such a good team last year is our downfall this season. Our bottom 6/9 forwards were filled with those typr of guys. Madden. Sturm Samuelsson and Bergenheim replaced by unreliable turds is killing us.

Anyway... all these guys have expiring contracts and/or can be bought out. Kovalev. Smithson. Parros and Santorelli all should be gone. and before anyone defends Parros... did his presence stop us from playing soft tonight? We need team toughness like Boston has. Not one useless goon and a team full of pansies.

Ive also about had it with Skille and Matthias. Theyre not good defensively and i dont thinkbits worth waitibg for them to develop the defensive aspect of their game. IF they ever develop it. Were better off trying to bring in a veteran who can do their kob effectively/bring some experience to what will probably be a young team next year. Theyre dime a dozen players... we threw Campbell into the Horton deal as he was nothing and hes a great 3rd-4th liner.

One last complaint: and ill get bashed for it.... but i still dont like the Gudbranson pick. I love the physical presence he brings. But hes not a good defensman right now. Hes lanky, borderline goofy on his skates. Decent mobility for his size but his defensive game needs a ******** of work. As does his offense. No clue why Dineen has him on the PP. He has no pose with the puck...anyone gets near him and he throws a weak wristsr on net that gets blocked or throws the puck into the corner. Hes also a -10 now in 9 games i think. Brutal.

Hes only 20 so I know he has upside to learn and improve. And i Still consider him part of our core. But i still hate the selection from two years ago. Hes shown me nothing.

So much for keeping the post shirt eh?
What... Is this for real? Oh I get it, damn you auto-correct!

At least I hope. Skille, Matthias and Smithson can do the exact same thing as Kelly, Paille and Campbell. Cheap, reliable, and minus Smithson, young 3rd/4th liners that are almost out scoring our top line.

This isn't a problem of lack of skill. Its a problem with not caring. The vet's don't seem to care and our young guys are trying to steal the show.

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