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02-24-2013, 10:00 PM
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The blame the refs thing is getting old, these refs don't have an agend against the avs. It's fine to complain about the refs once in a whole but not every game and every call, some of you sound like Canuck fans.

JS was solid, especially considering he hasn't played a lot and the off ice stuff. Always a professional love him. He did have a sort of bad goal, on the tying goal but he made some key saves to bail the avs out. The one where Stastny left middle of the ice stands out.

Barrie was very good, the best thing is I don't notice him in the defensive zone which means he isn't making a lot of mistakes. Can't wait to have EJ back, I want to see then together.

LolElliott is bad and this is killing his confidence. Send him down before this kid gets ruined for life.

Stastny line was fantastic in the first which like the redid the avs but it was more the ducks being rusty. Stastny setup jones with a beautiful saucer pass but he couldn't finish. Stastny defensive was great but he did have a couple of defensive lapses one was not taking the passing lane on the pp that lead to the 2nd goal I think. The other was mentioned above leaving his man all alone in front of JS but luck jiggy saved him. Other than that he was great defensively and who complains about him today is a harsh man. Oh yea he did miss an open net but that goes without saying.

Duchene's line much like Stastny was good in the 1st but fizzled out later in the game. Duchene hasn't shown that jump he has in the past 3 games. The avs have a light schedule coming that should be good for him. They still weren't bad tonight just not as good as before. Duchene himself was also solid defensively and saved a goal on the 5 on 3. I believe.

Mcloed man is this guy having a season. I w's ready to cut ties with him but he is playing his role perfectly so far this year. Good thing he didn't get hurt too bad today.

The best part of the game was seeing bordaleau over extent his shift and I thought for sure he was going to finish it off with a ******** mistake especially when he had the puck down low in the Dzone but he actually drew a penalty on perry. Classic.

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