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02-24-2013, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
Oh for crying out loud, there are THREE players on this team with higher cap hits than Koivu and one of them is Dany Heatley.
And most people want to buyout Heatley. There is no arguments to be made there. Heatley hasn't produced, he is getting criticized and people want him gone, partly because of the contract. I can't make any arguments about someone that people are criticizing.

Yet Koivu's the problem here? Seriously? Oh well, it's coming from you so I'm hardly surprised. And you want Getzlaf of all people? He reeks of trouble and I'm thousands of miles away.
Koivu is one of the problems. When has he taken over and dominated a game? Where is he during the games where we need someone to stand up and show the team an EXAMPLE. I've seen Parise do it this year. But Koivu?

Here's what we need from Koivu (1) To stay injury free. Since 2010, he hasn't been able to stay on the ice. (2) To step up and take over the game once in a while. We need him to be a vocal leader not in the locker room but on the ice.

The good thing here is that the ridiculous trade proposition you just made won't happen, unless you drug Anaheim's GM. They're doing great, why in the hell would they even want to trade Getzlaf? Makes no sense.
It was just a suggestion.

You may identify some real issues but you don't seem to have any suggestions on how to fix them (like the developing talent part). Your solution to every problem this team has seems to be to get rid of Koivu, but I kind of doubt that would make the prospects develop any better.
No, that's part of the problem. The problem with this team is identity. Getting rid of Yeo isn't going to fix the team as much as people hope it will. Plus it just adds more time to the rebuilding.

Getting rid of Koivu and Yeo would give this team a fresh start like what happened to Boston and Joe Thornton.

Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
I'm glad that you're not a gm. I am also glad that no gm thinks the way you do.
Oh. That ridiculous line. Yeah, it's so good that I wanted Kopitar over Pouliot or Stafford over Thelen. Or that I've been critical of Riser years before everyone got their head's off of their ass and realize how bad he was. Or maybe, just maybe how I said Spurgeon isn't a top pairing defenseman. Or I don't know about a dozen other things.

Sometimes I wonder how you come up with some of the things you say
Sometimes it's so easy how Minnesota fans get the teams they have.

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