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Originally Posted by Jose View Post
Hello all,

I don't what this to be superfluous but I have been worried about this for quite sometime and I thought now was a good time to ask just so I can get it out of my head. Last season I am sure everyone remembers Zbad scored the golden goal and gave us huge hope for the future. But after that transpired he got a confirmed concussion and was rumored to of had a second. But what I am asking is should I be worrying about Zibanejad due to these issues and due to the fact he had other problems this year including dental issues that kept him out for a month? I am just worried that all these injuries, and say he gets another concussion which would be his 3rd in less than a year would be very severe and could cause permanent damage to his head.

Once you get a concussion you damage brain tissue and I am worried that could affect him long term. So do i have anything to worry about or am I just stressing myself out? And was it 2 concussions last year or just the one?

I'm pretty sure that the consensus on these forums was that "dental issues" was just code for concussion issues.

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