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02-24-2013, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by SFW View Post
Which is why it was a boarding penalty, not a malicious charge and hit to the head.
uhh... newton's third law would dictate outright that this is a charge. guy comes in with speed and runs a guy into the boards--- NOT ONLY THAT-- but he finishes with the arm to make sure that he got him-- that's what my issue was with the hit.

he doesn't just leave his feet, but he makes sure that he finishes with the arm. that's why this should've been a suspension. it was clearly a retaliatory hit, from a guy who has a history, on a defenseless player. onus is on the player delivering the check to avoid or at least MINIMIZE contact with a defenseless player.

following through with the forearm to the back on a guy that you're already in the process of creaming (quite clearly) is not minimizing impact. this is a charge.

if somebody who has not had any disciplinary action in the past 5 years of playing in the league did it-- by all means, no suspension please... but this is a guy who has had disciplinary action in the last year. there's no reason he should've been let off here. even of it was a split decision the league should follow through with a game or a fine.

and what's worse?-- IT RESULTED IN INJURY!

shame on the league. this is a bad call and it seems another horrible decision has been made against this team. could be worse i guess... lucic could've run lundqvist or chara could've punched mcdonagh's face into the glass.. or lucic could've crosschecked a guy viciously 3 times in the back of the neck(but we'll see if the league suspends him rofl)

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