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Originally Posted by rey72335 View Post
I'll never understand why they didn't try and trade down to 2nd, and have part of the deal be Columbus can't take Murray... Edmonton gets a player they actually need, as well as the extra from Columbus trading up.. wouldn't have been much, perhaps a 3rd, but it's still something.
Because, there was absolutely no reason for CBJ to make that trade. Why pay anything when you don't have to? (BTW another part of that reason was that the CBJ did not like Yakupov, and were rumored to have deals in place to trade back if Murray was not there at #2)

I really wonder if it is logistically possible for anyone to take both of them. Unless the Jackets (or another team) gets lucky and gets one pick in the top 5 and another pick in the top 10 I don't see anyone being able to pay the assets for a second top 5 pick.

To take my team the Jackets as an example. Assuming Some "good luck" the Jackets end up with the #2 overall, the #14 overall and the # 17 overall. Lets assume Jones goes #1. Jackets take Mackinnon and #2. Jackets get lucky and Barkov and Valery go 3-4. To get the #5 overall would cost #14, #17, and probably the a roster player, maybe more. It is going to cost more this year than some later round draft picks to move up to the top 5, particularly when teams will likely know we are trying to grab Mack and Drouin as a pair.

There is a reasons moves like this haven't been pulled off since burke did it with the Sedins.

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