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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
That's why it makes a difference whether it's Conferences or Divisions. I'd absolutely prefer that it's Divisions, but that should entail a different scheduling matrix than the one apparently planned to use. As Conferences, therefore, and with the planned schedule matrix, crossovers between Conferences wouldn't make sense. Thus I see this whole 4-Conference plan as pure adulterated garbage! The Playoffs won't be the top-16, which it hasn't been anyway, and not the top-8, but rather just the top-4, which could include even poorer teams in the Playoffs than the current system already does.
The proposed scheduling matrix calls for teams to play the majority of games (44 or 46) outside their own group. So the argument that a crossover between these groups (whatever they're called) "doesn't make sense" is an argument I cannot accept.

I am not trying to suggest the four conference proposal is necessarily "superior" to all others, BUT, with a crossover the proposed alignment DOES in fact allow for the top 16 teams to qualify for the playoffs.

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