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02-24-2013, 11:55 PM
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Stephane Da Coste:
Ozone start%: 73.8
Ozone finish%: 59.6
Relative corsi: 2.0 (the difference in attempted shots for/against when the player is on the ice, rather than on the bench)
Corsi rel QoC: -2.778 (the average relative corsi of the opposing team's players on the ice at the same time as Da Costa)
Corsi on: 16.18

Zack Smith:
Ozone start%: 44.2
Ozone finish%: 52.7
Relative corsi: 4.6
Corsi rel QoC: 0.802
Corsi on: 14.23

What do we get out of this?

Well, Zach Smith takes more defensive draws than any other center on the team, against the opposition's best players, yet the Sens get more attempted shots on goal when he is on the ice than any other center but Zibanejad, and the puck ends up in the other team's zone more often than not. He's the perfect player for a Paul Maclean puck possession system.

In contrast to this, SDC has more offensive zone starts than anyone on the team (he's out for a Sedin-like number of ozone shifts), against weaker opposition, yet his relcorsi is a meager 2.0, despite being spoonfed golden offensive opportunities compared to other centers on the team. He's playing extremely sheltered minutes, yet somehow barely creating more offense than Smith, who plays the team's toughest defensive minutes.

Anyone wondering about why SDC got sent down instead of Zibanejad, or why Smith is playing as our 2nd line C instead of SDC, just needs to look at the underlying numbers to realize that both Zibanejad and Smith are great at playing a puck possession game, while SDC has a lot of room to improve. Da Costa starts in the offensive zone 30% more often than Smith, against weaker opposition, but his absolute corsi is only 2.0 higher. That means that, while he's generating a lot more chances than he's seeing chances against, he's barely generating more than Smith, who starts in the defensive zone under half the time, rather than 3/4 of the time.

e: And as a sidenote, both SDC and Smith are having terrible luck this year with their team on ice shooting percentages, with Smith sitting at 3.2 and Da Costa sitting at 0. Both of those should normalize to ~5-10% over time.

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