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02-24-2013, 10:57 PM
peter sullivan
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hey man, i love the jets more than anyone....and i am a positive guy....but i'm not mindless...good debate is healthy.....blind faith is uninteresting.

i want nothing but the best for my team....which is why i dont want to see us fall off the face of the earth with this alignment...i dont see how wanting the best for your team is bad.....i could not care less about time zones...i dont understand why anyone would....who cares about starting at 8:00 or 7:00?....the travel is no more onerous to calgary than nashville.

i want what will make following my team most interesting and most fun in the long run....i think being the smallest market in the league, on the fringe of outsider's consciousness will only be hurt by being the only canadian team alone without any others.....we already had every single one of our saturday night games moved to 2:00 starts because we are the low man on the totem pole for HNIC.....imagine when our games mean absolutely nothing to any other team in canada....we live in canada.....all our media comes from here.....the NHL gets 90% of its media coverage from canada.

we have to attract players....less media coverage for what is already seen as a less than desirable place to play is not a good thing.

i cant see us having any real rivalries with those teams.....even minnesota.....they dont really care about us.....we have no history with them.....they will look to st. louis and chicago.....cities they share a history with....and how can you have rivalries with those cities where the game is a fringe sport?

i think this hurts my team.....i see no positives from it.....and other than time zones i have not been presented any reason to believe otherwise.

as far as the negative goes.....i think that is blown out of proportion on a forum where discussion that isnt roses and rainbows is frowned upon.....i would trade kane because i think he could be worth more than his value....thats not negative.....i think we may have signed a noose contract with a goalie with very bad numbers....thats just the truth....i dont like reaching in the draft.....and i would like Chevy to make moves to improve the team...not sure why every fan doesnt want that.

i love the is not negative to want the best for them....i love burmi, bogo and buff.....i love the team unconditionally.....i would love kane to lead us to the cup, pavs to win the vezina and sheifele learn to skate!

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