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02-24-2013, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Raptactics29 View Post
Hey guys, sorry I've been busy.

Also, the Nudge isn't welcome in the league. Molly, one remark about my family or my mental stability, you'll be out too. One big time rule of this league will be there will not be any bashing of others. Obviously friendly banter and joking around is ok but talking about people negatively and being mean to people will not be allowed. I'm not going to be a dictator but the Nudge is a big part of the reason I quit the other league to start this one. I will run this league as I see fit though guys. CBJ will be my 2nd in command and I'm looking for one more person to build forums that we can use specifically for our league. Trust me guys, it'll be great. I'll post in more detail what the league is going to be about shortly. I've been so busy this past couple weeks.. I apologize for not being around lately. I've had 6 deaths since 2013 has begun and one of my best friends just died last Friday. I having been dealing with that, helping the family with arrangements, etc.. I will write up a more detailed post shortly.

How many time you told me you wanted to quit JM league. I was simply a excuse to quit. And by the way you should fire yourself since your such a basher, like to be mean to others and love to be the dictator. I'm not overly shock I wasn't aloud to your stupid league even tho I was the one that invited you to JM league. You are one sad guy, I was always there for you when you had something to say about anything. I was always a good friend but what's the point of being a good friend to someone like you. If you would of done the thing I did to you, I would of been mad but I would been able to forgive you.
But since were never really friend over these 4 years we know each other.

So good luck with everything but I wouldn't be surprise if your league doesn't work out or you quit on them.

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