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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
Since the first time I ever used a composite stick I've insisted that the single biggest advantadge over wood sticks is:weight.
Its particularly evident when you go back to a wooden stick once in LOSE so much in terms of ability to move your stick quickly...the synergy really helps a lot more than just enables you to knock MORE pucks out of the air,catch more passes and keep your stick active in PK situations...
So...if your "just shooting around at the local rink" then,NO,you aren't going to notice HUGE advantadges of the Synergy...but in games its a different story altogether.
I'd love to be one of those "old school guys" who refuses to go to the new technology...but too many times my Synergy has been KEY for me knocking down pucks or deflecting shots that I NEVER would have been deft enough to pull off with a conventional sticks.
My shot PROBABLY IS NOT significantly tell the truth..and one thing I had to realize was that just because you HAVE a synergy...its not a license to SNIPE. For about a year my overall game really suffered as I developed a "one track mind" with the new Synergy in my hands...I was determined to take snapshots and try and make plays by utilizing the new rage in the game...(the "flex" stick)...but now I am wise to where I went wrong...the snapshot isn't for everyone. Its generally a shot that is effective for players who are moving lower to the ground and playing "behind" the puck as opposed to "over top of the puck"...for lanky frames like me...I need to stick to a traditional,pure wrist shot...or...if I get the time...the SLAPSHOT(both of which the Synergy DOES enhance)...but the snapper is a tricky shot because it can feel so good...but really its RARELY a smart play if your not a STRONG snapshooter...because it is actually LESS accurate than even a slapshot for many people....the difference is that MISSED snapshots tend to stay on net...but they KILL a scoring chance even faster than a wide-of the net slapper because the are EASY saves...I know I am way off topic here...but the Synergy topic caught my eye because they have really created a phenomenon in hockey nowadays...we see all shapes/sizes and styles of players legkicking and snapping there shots from all over the ice...but forgetting that shot power is a distant 2nd in importance to accuarcy or shot selection and for ALL YOU "SYNERGISTS" out there I think you will do well to concentrate on more than just shooting...because your light weight stick has SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER than just flex. So don't let it eat your game/imagination UP!!
I don't think the weight is THAT big of an issue(but I am a pretty big/strong guy), it obviously has some effect(especially late in the game) but it's not a number 1 reason to buy a composite.

Why I like composite sticks:
1) Consistancy
2) Durability, don't have to buy a new stick every other week.
3) Quicker shot, leaves your blade faster
4) Weight
5) Ability to turn a OPS into a shaft and use it as a backup or sell it. Gives you more life to a broken stick.
6) Not having to find a stick that's the right length, can use an end plug
7) Availability of curves
8) Makes my "soft" hands softer(accepting passes, deflecting shots, etc.)
9) The actual feel of the stick in my hands, better shape and more options on dimentions of shaft
10) The wide variety of choice. You don't like CCM sticks but you like the Lacavalier blade and you like TPS sticks... Buy a Vector blade and a TPS shaft, it's simple. You like composite sticks but you want the "feel" of wood, tapered shaft/wood blade, done(close enough). Options are practically endless.

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