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02-24-2013, 11:17 PM
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ok, does anyone have the full breakdown of the playoff format?

so the east-west is gone and doesnt matter...

what ive gathered is the first two rounds of the playoffs would be inter-conference...1v4, 2v3...second round would be the 2 winners... that all makes sense (i dont like it though, but it makes sense)

but when you have the 4 conference winners left at the end, how do they decide who plays who? re-seed the teams based on the season and play from there? or do they have a tournament style format where everyone plays each other home and away and the two with the best record go to the championship series?

just seems dicey to me compared to the current setup... im all for giving change a chance. but im not so sure i see a whole lot of merit in this system outside of the obvious travel/timezone advantages.. come playoff time it looks like a mess

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