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02-24-2013, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by TheNudge View Post
How many time you told me you wanted to quit JM league. I was simply a excuse to quit. And by the way you should fire yourself since your such a basher, like to be mean to others and love to be the dictator. I'm not overly shock I wasn't aloud to your stupid league even tho I was the one that invited you to JM league. You are one sad guy, I was always there for you when you had something to say about anything. I was always a good friend but what's the point of being a good friend to someone like you. If you would of done the thing I did to you, I would of been mad but I would been able to forgive you.
But since were never really friend over these 4 years we know each other.

So good luck with everything but I wouldn't be surprise if your league doesn't work out or you quit on them.
Frank, I told you before you weren't welcome in the league buddy. You decided to sign up and make things difficult here. You knew as soon as I came on I'd say you weren't welcome.

Anyway, JM's league is in the past.. I'm looking ahead to this league. I'm gonna put all my energy in to it and make it amazing. Frank, you of all people know what I can do when I run a league and how I am when I run it. I will make it amazing.

I gave you tons of chances man.. and it's not just for what you did to me but that you've been a headache ever sicne I've known you. I really didn't want to say anything like this but man.. just let it go. If you think my league will suck and I'll be a dictator, etc.. then I'm doing you a favour.

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