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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
because thats who they play!.....imagine how strong the rivalry would be if we were in their division and our games meant something to them......we have a similar passion to feed off each other.....we have the same media sources....we get piles of their games in our market.

last year's oiler game was filled with oiler fans who had made the trip......are people from dallas going to do that?

our strongest rivalries by far with jets 1.0 was edmonton and calgary.....
The Edmonton and Calgary rivalries are the past; they are all but dead to me. I live in Alberta. I interact with Oilers and Flames fans. They no longer care about past rivalries. They have moved on, and so have I and many others. I think you are making too much about the new realignment and are not giving it enough credit. I'll be willing to bet you will be pleasantly surprise. Our new rivalries will form and they will be great. You have already deemed it a failure simply because they are not Canadian teams. You need to give this a chance, otherwise you will be a very bitter fan who can't get into the team simply because they aren't playing the teams you want them to play most often. Is that how you really want to go on "cheering" for this team? It will eat you up on the inside if you choose to let it. Life is too short for that. Like I said, enjoy the ride; I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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