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02-24-2013, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
IF (and that's a major IF) HHH doesn't want the spotlight, Brock/HHH confront each other and he simply says this: "I might not be able to beat you, but I damn sure know someone who will."

Lights go out - the roof blows off the place.

Why would HHH do this? Because he'd put over Brock so well by saying he can't beat him. And we know HHH won't do it, but at this point in his career, why not? It also sets up a HUGE match. Brock/Taker and Triple threat main event would be huge for WM.

edit: And I really do not want to see Punk/Taker. They have zero chemistry together and do not mesh well. Their feud in 08/09 or whatever it was... was HORRIBLE.
While I do not want to see 'Taker/Punk, I don't think it's fair for people to keep bringing up that feud. Sure it wasn't the best, but Punk was just starting to be utilized as a "semi-major" competitor in the WWE, I really don't think he was ready to go toe-to-toe with the Dead Man.

Now that he's had time to actually understand what main-event status is, as well as put on 5-star matches and work with more "established" performers, who knows what they could do together!! He's certainly proved that he'd be able to do some amazing promos.. possibly about 'Taker being a "has-been who only comes back for one match a year while Punk busts his ass in the ring every week..".. stuff like that.. It could turn out pretty damn well!

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