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Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
Bolland's never struggled when he's been in the line-up. He's been unlucky with injuries, but hasn't really had a recurring injury that's plagued him.

In 2009-10 he had surgery on a herniated disc (back) and in 2010-11 he had a concussion for an errant elbow by Kubina. Those two injuries are responsible for most of the time he's missed.

His back has been fine since the surgery and any player, at any time, can sustain a concussion.

EDIT: And now that I think of it, a herniated disc isn't even an injury. He didn't get hit and suddenly have a herniated disc. It was a problem with his back that needed to be corrected, it was, and now his back's fine.

Sure Dave Bolland was 100% to start the season. I don't know that I would ever say that his back is fine although the surgery was successful. I'm not sure the Blackhawks give him another contract. If they do I hope it is only a 2 year deal at 8 million or even better a one year deal at 4m.

If we have another center in the next few year (Danault, Kruger,McNeill or Pirri) playing well I think at that point we would need to consider Bolland's back history and what we can get for him.

Sure Bolland is great in the playoffs, but he will miss the playoffs either this year or next year. I think his back problems are something we have to look at and say this guy probably only is built for 60 games a season.

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