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02-24-2013, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Brogosian View Post
I believe that geography only comes into play wrt rivalries when there is a rivalry already in place between the markets. e.g. Calgary and Edmonton. All other rivalries are built up by playing against each other, playoffs, fans and to a much lesser extent, media.

I also think that being in an all US Conference is not going to 'bury' us media wise. On the contrary. I think it is going to boost us. More people in the States will know the Jets and Winnipeg because we will play them and be rivals. People in Canada will know what is up with the Jets by default. Markets like Toronto don't think anything exists outside of them anyways.

Jets 1.0 put Winnipeg on the world map in a huge way and 2.0 will enhance that.
the way i see it is that in those american cities even their own teams dont get any media coverage...there is essentially no national media coverage.....all we can hope for is canadian we wont get that....we wont get media coverage in the states because nobody does...and now we wont get it in canada like the other canadian teams will.

to hope that our exposure in the US will increase is wishful thinking in my opinion....its a fringe sport in all but chicago and minny.....and i have a hard time picturing little winnipeg have any real rivalry with the people of chicago.

i am also thinking about how much enjoyment i will get out of games personally.....i know a ton of people in other Canadian cities....competing against them would be huge fun....i love being in the arena when its filled with fans from other cities....i love competing against fans from cities who love the game as much as we do....that passion is the foundation of a real rivalry.....that opportunity is lost in my opinion.

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