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02-24-2013, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Pigems View Post
Finishing your checks doesn't take you out of the play it helps to wear down the other team in over the game and is a very effective form of forchecking and does not take a player out of the play when properly executed
Finishing check is more the responsibility of the wingers. A center that doesn't have the puck will more more focused on his defensive game rather than finishing check.

Also, Plekanec has never been a really good or strong hitter, I don't see why we should ask him to do something he's not effective at and that will put him out of his comfort zone just for the sake of it. He's not the grittiest guy but he doesn't need to be and it helps him to stay healthy.

Datsyuk has 5 hits, Zetterberg has 9 hits, Krejci 9, Bergeron 9, Toews 5, Crosby 10, Malkin 5, Tavares has 4 etc.. etc...

Plekanec has 8 hits so far this season.

So yeah, not all players need to finish their checks as you can see. When it's not their duty and forte, I don't see why we should expect it from them. Their are perfectly effective at their role without being physical, let them be.

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