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02-24-2013, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
the way i see it is that in those american cities even their own teams dont get any media coverage...there is essentially no national media coverage.....all we can hope for is canadian we wont get that....we wont get media coverage in the states because nobody does...and now we wont get it in canada like the other canadian teams will.

to hope that our exposure in the US will increase is wishful thinking in my opinion....its a fringe sport in all but chicago and minny.....and i have a hard time picturing little winnipeg have any real rivalry with the people of chicago.
Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
of course they mean nothing now.....we dont play could we have a rivalry with a team we dont play?......the jets have no rivals right point is that the conditions exist to create the strongest rivalries with the cities you have the most in common with...that is overwhelmingly the case for rivalries across all sports in north america.

if we are in a division where we play the same teams and competing for a playoff spot with them, they will care about us.....and because calgary and edmonton cares about hockey so much, and we have so much exposure with each other and so much shared history, it would be increased......the very fact that you are a jets fan living in alberta proves it....i know 20 people living in alberta...every winnipegger knows people living in alberta......who knows someone in dallas?...remember the jets game in the saddledome last year? was a home game for the can you say those are not the conditions to form a lasting rivalry?.....they would learn to hate us becasue we share so much else.
I thinks it's pretty clear that you will never accept what is about to happen. You are obsesed with the past and can't seem to let it go. You will become a very bitter Jets fan and have great difficulty cheering for this team simply because they aren't playing the teams you want them to play. You have written this alignment off without giving it a chance. I'm sorry to see that you don't even have an open mind to the potential. Life as a Jets fan will become very difficult for you as a result. I wish you all the best in that regard.

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