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Originally Posted by mooskating View Post
the way i see it we never really change anything...


1. block shot
2. puck lands in your feet
3. opponent is the first guy on the puck
4. opponent stick-handles around you and 1 of 2 things happens
a. he shoots and has a strong scoring chance
b. another ranger leaves his man to block the shot and leaves a passing lane wide open
5. lundqvist has to make a quality save and get a whistle or the puck stays in the zone and this continues until somebody on the other team screws up and turns the puck over where we'll probably just end up giving it away to their defense in the neutral zone anyway or going offsides


1. dump the puck in, hagelin chases it
2. hagelin gets the puck gives it blindly to the center who is hopefully following up the play(if we're not making a change in which case he will give it to the other team on the tape so that he can change too)(if hagelin is not on the ice ignore the forecheck and simply change lines as usual)
3. entire team is already collapsed on the center who by now is in the slot
4. center makes a blind drop pass or backhands it to a defenseman who is not at the point and the other team jumps on the puck and turns the other way forcing mcdonagh (RIP) to make a mad dash halfway across the ice because del zotto just missed a hit and let his guy get past him on a 1 on 0


1. %&@$
2. &%$#
3. $#@! %$#@ $#@
4. del zotto pinches in
5. del zotto shoots wide from in the crease or gets checked off the puck
6. other team gets on a 2v1 against richards
7. callahan comes out of nowhere to break up the pass
8. caught in the neutral zone for the other 1:30 of the PP
Callahan coming out of nowhere to break up the pass made me laugh


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