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02-25-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
2) Brooks Orpik is not playing good hockey right now. He's struggling to make a pass and I've lost track of how many times "his guy" has been free around the net to pick up the garbage... in just the past week. I don't know if he's injured or what, because he had a great start to the season, but he's been one of the weak links recently.

5) Tyler Kennedy is just a mess. I'm not necessarily on the "trade him" bandwagon - I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd love to see him moved for a better player... - but he needs to be sat. This is a situation where it's just a snowball effect: bad play, forcing it, coaches talking to him, fans and media getting on him, confidence is gone, just can't get out of his own way. It won't end pretty if they keep throwing him out there 13:00 a game.
I know it's a VERY difficult decision with Brooks right now, and we will likely have to keep him through this year's playoffs. But keeping him much past the draft would be a mistake, given that his game/durability is declining (or stagnating at the least), and his trade value won't get any better as he gets closer to UFA. And we'll have other guys next year who need to get his spot into the line-up -- and hopefully a forward like Perry or Iginla to get his cap space! And if the latter scenario happens, I'm more than OK to say see you later TK.

Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
4) Derek Engelland has been struggling recently. Not sure what it is. Not retrieving the puck well and making some questionable decisions.

There's only one reason in the world right now that Engo can appear to be struggling, which he does appear to do, and it's because of the following: one game he is being paired up in his natural position on the right side, but with a rookie in Despres who does not play a simple game. The other half of the time, Engo is playing his off-side, but with a more steady Bortuzzo. So Engo is in flux right now of being either in a new position with a new partner, or simply being with an inexperienced, rookie partner who is still prone to mistakes and over-complicating things with his play.

I love the potential I see in Despres, but if we're looking at winning this season, it (A) makes you realize that even if Orpik isn't playing great, he's still very safe and good at moving the puck up the ice when he gets it (where he's weak is in his coverage/position in front of his net at times, or offensively). Bortuzzo is clearly ready, and I would like to see him get consistent action. But that will necessitate Engo playing his off-side, which just means there will be some learning curve and inconsistency from last season's Mr. Consistent.

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