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Originally Posted by BourqueBourqueBork View Post
There is a thread devoted for visitors to Nashville, but until the mods move this, I'll respond here.

If you want to get out a little more, or you want to stay further from town (perhaps a less expensive hotel)...then renting a car is more or less a requirement. But if you do that, you open yourself up to more to see. But as you say, you don't have much time.

Personally, I would opt for spending a little more on hotel, and a little less on transportation.

Thanks so much for the detailed info! I think we'll stay downtown and try to walk/cab it around. I"m getting in a night early so I'll definitely try to check out some places while I'm sober, as I'm guessing Thursday will be a drink fest prior to and after the game

I'm super excited - I've heard great things about the city!

I'm thinking of staying at the Courtyard by Marriot - 1901 West End Avenue. Is that a good area? It sounds like its by the University and its only about a mile from the Arena, so I'm thinking cabbing it won't be too bad.
It looks like I can get a room for around $180ish per night, which isn't out of my budget, and seems pretty decent for the area.

Suggestions? Comments?

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