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02-25-2013, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
Problem with the dump-and-chase is 8 times out of 10, there's no chase component. And then on those odd 2 other times, there's no back up even if we do win the race so whoever had possession just gets stripped and that's that.

Passing: far too much of it once we're in the offensive zone. Been looking for that perfect and prettiest pass/play/shot for the better part of the last decade which would explain the lack of scoring.

Shot blocking: Yes, useful tool, but not the best to base a team's entire identity and play style around it. Should be regarded as a supplementary tool and not a full-on tactic; unfortunately Torts uses it as a tactic.

Shooting: Aside from the usual fact that there aren't enough, there aren't enough getting through. They've always had a problem with getting shots through with traffic in front of the net.

Passing: This season has been abysmal in terms of passing. Watch almost any other top team and they're making crisp, accurate passes.

Throwing the puck away: All too often when we're in the defensive zone, almost as soon as a Ranger gets possession of the puck is it chucked against the glass or around the boards for an icing in either case. Girardi has been the biggest offender of this for years now and him and that play have royally screwed this team over more times than I want to think about. I'm not saying they have to establish control of the puck 100% of the time in 100% of situations, but they have to stop for literally 1 extra second and see what the hell is going on. Also can someone tell them that they don't have to ice it when they throw it out of the zone?

Power Play: Shots. More. More and more.

All in all, it feels like they have player roles mixed up. If Gaborik is supposed to be a sniper, why does he get parked in front of the net most of the time? Shouldn't he be the one on the point? It just seems that they're trying to get the grinders to play like snipers and the snipers to play like grinders and everyone has to do everything to, from, and in between otherwise they'll "be in Torts' doghouse."
I think you oversimplified the dump and chase stuff along with shooting and passing. I agree with the general point, but you get too hyperbolic imo.

We shot blocked last year a ton, I think we actually haven't seen enough of it this year. I don't see the icings as much of an issue either.

As for the roles being mixed up, I think that's getting throw around here way too much. Go back and watch Gaborik's goals the past few years, most of them are right around the net. That being said I think Gabby taking shots from the point on the PP is interesting, I would definitely like to see him as the focal point of the PP instead of Richy.

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