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02-25-2013, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by gonnaneedsomewine View Post
And I think you're being overprotective of him just because he's on the Kings and was on the roster when they won last year. Just because Mike Miller was on the Heat last year doesn't make him one of the "forces" that led Miami to the NBA title. Penner was not a force last year in the playoffs. He was better than the regular season (couldn't be worse), but he was not a "force" or a "beast."

No one would have wanted the guy on the open market. There is no chance he would've got any type of security after the crap he pulled in Edmonton. They know what he is. Craig MacTavish said it perfectly. He said when we signed Penner to that 4 year deal, we thought of it as a starting point, but Penner thought of it as the finish line.

Basically, well I did my part in lining up a contract, now I can coast. Why Dean Lombardi would want a guy like that anywhere near this team is beyond me, especially with the way he values character i.e. Brown, Williams, Greene, Mitchell, etc. You'd be better off bringing in a guy like Alexander Semin for a year than Penner, because even though Semin will take games off and isn't great defensively, at least he has more skill, a deadly wrist shot, is a better finisher, works well on the PP, and is annual threat to score 30 goals.

I honestly don't know how you can like a guy that dogs it all season. There's a reason Sutter rode him so hard last year. There's a reason he's a healthy scratch. The fact that he's a professional athlete and has to be constantly threatened with scratches/benchings just to motivate him is a major character flaw.
I don't watch basketball, so I don't even know who Mike Miller is. But what I'm taking away from this is Lebron/Wade were the "forces" that led Miami. Unless someone else on the team was scoring 30 a night they were not a force, regardless if they shut someone down on D or anything else.

I'm dumbfounded on what to say next. If you cant see how great of playoffs Penner had then unless the guy is netting 40 goals a year he's going to suck in your eyes.

Luckily for us DL seems to know a lot more about the "character" of these guys than you do. Just maybe, just maybe your questioning of Penner's character is unfounded.

And you are saying DL should have brought in a 7 million dollar question mark in Semin? you want DL to pay someone 7 million a year for a guy who you just admitted takes games off and isn't great defensively, on a defensive minded team. Brilliant. The problem here is it's not about Semin, it's about Whitney.

This thread has run it's course. It's appearent you don't like Penner at all, and that's fine. Bottom line trading Penner for Whitney does nothing to improve the Kings at all.

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