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Originally Posted by SabresBillsBuffalo View Post
Forgot the amazing lights out hockey Winnepeg plays and their atmosphere blows ours out of the water. Intimidation helps. It's an obvious factor. What is the benefit for the Sabres to play at home right now?
To play to win for the people in the stands that help pay their salary. Or to play to prove to themselves they don't suck as bad as their record shows. etc...

I just can't accept the sabres not having rowdy enough fans being a reason for their crap play. As I said above, they're professional athletes, and should be able to play at a high level whether we're praising them as some sort of heroes of the city or not. The issue is they don't play well, not that the fans don't enjoy hockey.

The real question is why fans should cheer guys on, who aren't getting the job done. It sounds harsh, and I always cheer when I go, but we all know less people are excited to watch this team as they are a team that has chemistry, effort, and talent. I think talent is the least important of those 3 for fan-backing, but they need to show something, somewhere.

I'd be willing to bet if the Sabres were competitive the place would be fine.

The Jets aren't a model team for winning at the moment of course, but that fan-base was without a team for a while, and are forgiving at the moment. Similar to how we all let things slide when Pegula bought the team. Teams that show they put forth an effort and play hard have good followings for the most part. Boston, NYR, hell, even the LA Kings had a decent atmosphere when they went on their run, and that is in the biggest city known for going to a sporting event just for the status there is.

Winning, and possibly even just trying harder to win, fixes the issues with the FNC.

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