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02-25-2013, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
It all started off as just a dream. A young poster by the name of Gravey94 who joined two years ago to the month to discuss hockey as New Jersey doesn't give a **** about the sport. He was overly nice and used smileys far too often. Two years, a sponsor star, a Mod title and now 30,000 posts later, he has become callous and salty.

His first post was a questionable response to our very own Zenith (then known as Steve). Who would have thought that this Gravey94 would later pass the posting machine and achieve ultimate player hater-pimptastic status first. Through GDT's, playoff triumphs and downfalls, The Lounge and, the help of some particular posters, none of this would have been possible.

I want to thank daveskirtun, Krishna, NYRFAN218, SoupyFin, Juzmo and FinHockey for providing me with useless banter to talk about. I also want to thank the Rangers board for allowing me to seek haven against the forces of darkness known as the main board.

Your donations of money and jewelry are greatly accepted and will be sent to me at PO Box 302294820. No less than 40 dollars per donation is accepted.

I debated whether or not to put this here or in the lounge but I decided that it would suit best amongst my own kin. This is where I achieve super God status and ascend to the rankings of Lundqvist as opposed to all you Bickel losers out there.


"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken"-Col. Sanders

Travis Bickle, Tyler Durden, Hayley Williams <3, and all the inside joke peeps out there are forever with me in my heart.

I wish you all nothing but happiness as you watch me crush your dreams one post at a time.

Just remember, like Johnny from The Outsiders, you gotta tell everyone to stay golden after being killed from burn injury complications resulting from a fire. How morbid.

-All the best,
Bob Richards
After finishing a lab report I've been working on for about four hours, I log onto HFboards to clear my mind before I go to sleep. I click the OT thread and the first thing I see is this post.

I read it with a straight face and actually thought nothing of it until I got to the gif at the end and thought "Could you imagine showing some random person on the street these OT threads?". Then, it all hit me and I couldn't help myself but to laugh.

That post was a microcosm of what these OT threads are all about. A place to take a break from reality and joke around.

Well done Bob, you crazy ****.

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