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02-25-2013, 02:28 AM
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Originally Posted by LordFletcher View Post
I wouldn't trade our 1st round pick as of yet... if we continue to play .500 hockey with a somewhat healthy roster, I'd keep the pick.
Why? I mean there comes a time where this team needs to perform and where this team needs to build. With our relatively healthy stock in the AHL and our 2nd round picks panning out, getting a young defenseman would be an excellent boon for a team.

Myers can't make this team overnight a strong contender.
No, and neither did Parise or Suter. But you build and see what's out there.

If the Wild continue to play like crap which they have proven to me that the trend will continue, I would retain our 1st seeing as it could easily be a top 10 pick by years end....
I don't see the Wild picking in the top 10. Top 14 yes.

a top 10 pick and with possible trades going at the deadline (Cullen / Seto / Phillips / Hackett / whatever)... we could always pay out the butt to get into the top 5 of the draft.
Cullen won't be traded. Seto is playing better (And has as many goals as Koivu!) Phillips won't be traded. And why move up?

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