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02-25-2013, 02:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
I think even dropping Heatley is somewhat unrealistic, because his trade value is at an all-time low, the organization loves him and right now it looks like the buyout will have to be used on Harding.
For all we know Harding will retire and will be given a cushy job with the Wild. They take care of their own.

However, there are no arguments for getting rid of Koivu. Of course I'd like to see more goals and more points, but that goes for every single player on this team, even Parise.
Parise is scoring about as well as anyone on this team could. Here's the thing, Koivu led a player only meeting and this is the results of that meeting? His soundbites also sound really canned. I mean come on, at least Parise doesn't dance around the issue and when he's not sick, Parise has turned around games. That's what we need to see from Koivu. We were paying for potential on Koivu and he hasn't performed. I had hoped his 71 point season was just the start but nope. He's either been sitting on the sideline or letting the team go down the drain.

The thing is, we're paying Koivu elite money when he's not an elite player. He's a good player. A solid top 6 forward but he's not an elite forward. Parise is an elite forward. Heatley WAS an elite forward.

You'd be hard pressed to come up with a trade suggestion involving Koivu that would a) make sense for both parties and b) be realistic. If someone were to trade a center of that caliber, it would be someone who's a total cancer in the locker room. You really want that?
You calling Joe Thornton? Brad Richards cancers in the locker room? Jordan Staal? Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, sure, there were rumors.

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