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02-25-2013, 03:20 AM
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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
There has been a dip in actual shot blocking this season, but the shot blocking mentality is still perceived or taught to be the main game plan. And I think that's where some of this loss of identity started: With the loss of guys who were some big blockers for us, we expected the new comers to fill those spots and it didn't happen. So why not just scratch the idea that shot blocking is going to be the team's forte? I don't mind if some of them excel at it and want to, but maybe we don't need 3 guys sliding around in front of Lundqvist/Biron in an attempt to block a shot (which, due to Ranger luck, inevitably deflects off one of those blockers ).

The icings aren't really as much of a problem as instinctively tossing the puck away. I don't know, the Rangers tend to look very anxious/nervous in their own zone when there's the slightest bit of pressure compared to other teams.

As far as oversimplifying shooting/passing, I don't understand? Getting shots through is and has been one of our biggest problems, they have to find a way to get some of those shots through traffic to some extent and then fight for the rebound/lose puck. Passes seem to get flubbed relatively often with this team (whether in the neutral zone or offensive zone) and I absolutely understand that not every single pass is going to be perfect and not every single pass recipient is going to perfectly catch every pass, but it just seems like the frequency should be a lot lower.
Boom. Nail on the head with a hammer. Now apply that to all three zones and you have our biggest problem this year - the team does not look confident... not at all. It's ESPECIALLY apparent in our own zone, though. It usually goes like this - other team dumps the puck in while their forwards come in to forecheck, Staal or Girardi goes behind the net to retrieve the puck, they don't take a look to the point to see if it's open and shoot the puck off the glass towards said point. That is the epitome of the defensive nervousness.

You watch the elite teams in this league and it seems like they're (or at least their better players) are more "cold-blooded" than our best players are. They bear down on their chances and make sure they hit the net, get that shot through, make an accurate pass, etc. Our players look jumpy out there. It's sad but it's clear as day and you've seen it most games this season. I think the only player who DOESN'T look like this is Rick Nash... go figure. The one player who you'd think would be thinking, "Please don't let me **** up in front of my new team!" looks like a cold-blooded stud out there. Gaborik looks like a scared school-girl. Either that, or he just doesn't want to give it his all. Same with Richie.

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