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02-25-2013, 03:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
The problem is expansion IS coming. I hope everybody accepts that by now. The two best expansion locations by a country mile are Quebec City and Markham (Toronto2). NO U.S. team should be used for expansion. Expansion teams usually SUCK early. You want Canadian teams for that. The fans will get upset but still flock the arenas. Sucking will be greeted with apathy, otherwise. You definitely don't want that. If Phoenix has to go, then move it to Seattle. And forget about trying to forcefeed other markets in the U.S. Geography is a terrible argument to bring in both Seattle and Portland over Quebec City or Markham.

So, perhaps some outside-the-box thinking is required here to make this thing work. Because if this new realignment and Detroit's demands force the league to NOT expand to Quebec City and Markham, then they'd only be shooting themselves in the foot.
Seattle is certain to get a team one way or another either as expansion or from relocation of PHX or another team (islanders)

Both Seattle and Portland would support hockey easily with little effort. People in the area are familiar with the sport. Seattle has a larger population and more corporate dollars to get.

the arena is an issue. Key Arena got changes thus screwing it up big time for hockey.

Portland's Rose Garden can do hockey with a 16,000+ capacity. Its an alternate option to serve has a temporary home.

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