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02-25-2013, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
i think WAAAAAAY too much is said about kane's are the same personality type at 22 and 32....your basic character doesn't change...captains are not simply the guy who scores the most goals....they are leaders....that personality grows and matures, but it doesnt appear out of nowhere.

bogosian as an example is also 22 and he has the personality that will mature into being a captain.

are there any examples of a player who had Kane's personality type after 4 years in the league and matured to become an NHL captain?

even disregarding his off ice demeanour...i don't see his on ice character as that of a captain....he's generally one dimensional and not terribly aware of his teammates on the ice....a great player for sure, but not a rounded player like a captain usually is.
It's actually refreshing to see a 21 year old kid act like a 21 year old kid and not a middle aged man.
He has plenty of time to be "mature". Let him enjoy youth.

But really, who cares if he becomes a captain? Being a captain doesn't equal passion and that was the topic of the thread.

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