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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
I agree that Parise is scoring just as well as anybody could on this team. But I wouldn't undermine Koivu's production like you do. I haven't seen where he has "let the team go down the drain" any more than Parise has. But like I said, you see what you want to see.
I'm giving Parise a bit of a pass, because he's new to this organization and he will defer to the Koivu. You remember how surprised he looked to have an A on his jersey already.

Koivu is suppose to be this franchise player. And yet he hasn't shown that talent yet. Koivu has as many goals as Cullen and Setoguchi.

I haven't seen anything worth complaining about, but you've obviously seen it for much longer than this season. And like I've said before, I don't give a flying **** about what the players say in post-game interviews. Same ****, different day. If I took a drink every time someone said "we just didn't show up", I'd be able to get totally wasted every single night. Then they move on to the next game and a lot of the time end up saying the same thing again. It's about as cliched as it gets, but like I said, I don't care.
It starts to mean something when it's a guy that is suppose to be leading the team. This guy is the guy that everyone looks at. Yes, it might not be great to call people out specifically in the media but to say, yeah some of the guys just didn't bring it. Just really grind into them.

As for the money, you think Koivu wouldn't have gotten the same money as a UFA? Some other team would've offered it to him, there weren't that many high-quality UFAs that summer.
I think he would have gotten more actually but that's beside the point. You think Gaborik is worth the 9-10 million we would have spent on him if he decided to come back?

A lot of good players in this league are overpaid and for example there's no way I would've paid Suter the money he ended up getting, but if we hadn't done it, someone would have.
No, I wouldn't either. But what done is done.

It's not the players' fault they have money thrown at them. Most sane people would go for the team offering the most money if they had little preference on where to live, who to play with, etc. My point here is that if you want to call Koivu overpaid, you need to say the same thing about Heatley, Suter and even Parise (considering his current point total is the same as Koivu's).
No, because Koivu is being paid like an elite player. Heatley, when his contract was signed, he was an elite player and was not overpaid. Parise is the same way. Suter is a wash (getting a number 1 defenseman is as difficult as getting a legitimate 1st line center). Would Koivu have signed if we offered lower? I'm not going to say Parise or Heatley is overpaid, because it's a different situation. Heatley only has 2 years left on his contract and he was being paid as a 40-50 goal scorer at the time. Parise is a top 3 left wing. I can't say that about Koivu and being a center. I can't say he's a top 5 or even top 10 center. Top 15-30 sure. But he's getting paid like one.

As for the locker room cancer issue, there are of course exceptions, like J. Staal. He is a fine 2nd line center on any team, but unfortunately for him he happened to be stuck behind Crosby and Malkin. Pittsburgh had three top 6 centers. How many teams are in the same situation now? None.
Pittsburgh was also having issues with the cap. But that doesn't mean they needed to trade Staal immediately especially with the uncertainty of Crosby health.

The kind of trades you want to make don't happen often and mostly exist in fantasies. And making that kind of a trade would mean that the Wild had to have at least some interest in giving up Koivu, which they do not have.
And that's the problem. Koivu is not going to be seen as someone that can be traded because he's like the Jay Bouwmeester of centers. He has a high contract hit for his production value.

The kind of trades that happen is because the team is going in a different direction than the players on it or they want to free up some cap room to go after different players. Sometimes, they just want to retool their team.

Again Brad Richards and Joe Thornton come to mind immediately.

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