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02-25-2013, 03:46 AM
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Originally Posted by sh724 View Post
The first two rounds of the POs would be in the conference/division/whatever you want to call it, so rivalries would build fairly quick with PO battles every year. Could you imagine the hate if we play Chicago in the POs several years in a row. Also according to NBCSN COL is already our rival

Going back to the first two rounds with a division opponent will remind me of the old ( Chuck ) Norris Division when we had the Blues, Jets, Hawks, North Stars Red Wings and Leafs. I always despised Bettmann from changing the Playoff format more then anything to Conference seeding when Bettmann became Commish.

As for the Detroit going to the east, It's where they belong along with Columbus when you think about it. I remember when the Blues had a Decent rivalry with the Leafs, Blues played the leafs frequently in the Playoffs. I'm sure once the Blues play Colorado, Nashville, Winnipeg, Minnesota, Dallas and of course Chicago, new rivalries will be born.

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